Herd Sires

Poco Rojo (ET)

DOB Sep. 23, 2003
Argentine Pecos x Rebano Escondido Lucille
ILR #256970

Poco Rojo is a true South American boy. His sire Argentine Pecos gives him the dense Argentine bone structure with the incredible Argentine fleece from his ears to his toes. Poco is handsome and correct, with style and personality. Not only is he a proven herdsire – his offspring so far include Butterscotch, Max, Kiara, Maxine, Crackerjack, Sasha, Kojak, Monique, Sparkle, Marco Polo, Cappucchino, Noah, Miss Moka, Firecracker, Dominic, San Pancho, Lily, Cloe, Zoe, Finnegan, and Annie – but he is also an excellent public relations llama who impresses everyone he meets.

Poco is now about 19 years old, a good age for a llama. He is retiring from our breeding program and passing the torch to his son – Finnegan. Poco is now free to “smell the roses” and has free run of the property. He enjoys spending his time watching his girls.