Welcome to Millstream Miniature Llamas.

We started breeding standard size llamas in 1993, then made the transition to miniature llamas in 2007. These first photos show us with our herd sires – illustrating how much more “manageable” minis are compared to standard size llamas.

We were the first farm in Canada to focus on the miniature llamas. Our original breeding stock were all International Llama Registry (ILR) registered and most were American Miniature Llama Association (AMLA) registered.

Millstream Llama Farm is part of what was once a much larger farm first established in the early 1900’s. The present farm sits in a hidden valley formed by limestone erosion. A small farmhouse was built in the mid 1960’s and the property used as a hobby farm, raising a few sheep, cattle, pigs etc.

Millstream enters the Llama Farm through a rock tunnel, and creates a secluded and picturesque pool surrounded by tall trees. The stream forms the entire south boundary of the farm, and includes a 20-ft. waterfall. Children like to fish for small trout in the numerous side pools. In 2003 the local Goldstream Hatchery helped build a new fish ladder at the ” Llama Falls “. Hatchery personnel monitoring the creek confirm that salmon have now been seen in “our” section of the creek, upstream of the fish ladder .

We bought the property in 1994 and radically enlarged and renovated the old house. All the fencing, barns and animal shelters were also replaced. We started a Bed & Breakfast business in 2001 and finally retired from that business in 2010 in order to concentrate on breeding miniature llamas. In 2015 we started adding Argentine llama bloodlines to our herd and now have two Argentine herd sires.