A mini llama with a standard size llama

Registered Miniature Llamas

  • are small in size, but have all the great attributes of a standard llama.
  • must be properly proportioned and have correct body balance.
  • are under the umbrella of the American Miniature Llama Association.
  • are guided by measurement qualifications.
  • at a minimum of three years of age, a male or female can be up to thirty-eight inches at the withers.
  • if a female is three years of age or older and is thirty-eight to forty inches at the withers, she would be registered with the AMLA as a foundation breeding stock female.
  • are bred by committed owners for beautiful fibre, friendly personality, correct conformation, and provide a "presence" when you are with them - much like standard llamas!
  • are the offspring of small parents and grandparents (the more generations in a registered miniature llama's background, the better).
  • are an ideal size for 4-H members or families to work with.
  • they require less pasture, feed and barn space, and are easily transported.
  • they are great for people of all ages to work with, in successfully showing in halter, showmanship and obstacles, as well as other activities such as carting, packing, animal therapy and elementary school visits, undertaken by standard llamas and their handlers.
  • they provide wonderful fibre to use in varied fibre arts.
  • have their own sanctioned class ("Minis") at llama festivals and shows.
  • and - of course - are hard to resist!!

Millstream Miniature Llamas

Lavinia & Alan Stevens

355 Atkins Avenue

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Tel. (250) 478-9969; email: lavinia@millstream-minis.com