The Argentine Llama

The Argentine llama is quite rare in Canada. They have a certain "exotic" look even without the Argentine-style haircut that is becoming increasingly popular. They have robust bodies and bone structure, mellow personalities and a great presence.

The output of fine dense fibre per animal is amazingly high since almost all the fibre is usable, from their ears to their toes. Once you have one Argentine llama you will, for sure, want more!






Our herd sire, Poco Rojo, is half-Argentine and is very handsome and correct. He has sired twelve crias for us and we are particularly pleased with his ability to pass on his heavy bone, personality and fibre.





We have just acquired two beautiful young females from Fortune Creek Llamas - Lexie and Angie.


Fortune's Halo

(aka Angie)


Fortune's Lexus


Both Angie and Lexie are 37" height at the withers and fit into our miniature llama breeding program. Lexie is three-quarter Argentine. She is a gorgeous true black female and her first cria was Miss Moka, sired by Poco.


Angie is half-Argentine and has stunning fibre from head to toe with a personality to match.


This photo of Lexie and Angie was taken at the September 2015 Saanich Fair, a large agricultural fair on Vancouver Island where the feature animal in 2015 was the llama & alpaca. Both animals were well behaved with the public and participated in the obstacle course several times.




Argentine Santino


Our latest addition is Santino, purchased from Fortune Creek Llamas. Santino is a full Argentine male. His first cria is Blackjack, born in 2017. Santino has bred three of our females for 2018 cria.

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