Of the six new arrivals in 2016, five have been sold, leaving only Sparkle. The three new cria born in the Fall of 2017 have also been sold.







Millstream Sparkle

DOB May 24, 2016

Poco Rojo (ET) x Peruvian Marcial's Flash




Millstream Miss Moka

DOB July 23, 2017

Poco Rojo (ET) x Fortune's Lexus

 Miss Moka arrived on Sunday, July 23rd, 11 days late and weighing a healthy 20lbs. She is full of vim & vigour and we look forward to seeing how she progresses.





Millstream Firecracker

DOB August 10, 2017

Poco Rojo (ET) x Stage Stop Sonja

Firecracker was born on August 10 - one day after his due date. He had a difficult delivery but thanks to our vet he came out running, weighing only 15 lbs,  and he hasn't stopped since birth.




BJ_1.jpgMillstream Blackjack

DOB October 03, 2017

Argentine Santino x Millstream Aryanne


Introducing Blackjack (known as BJ) - a pure black cria born late-evening of October 03, 2017. We discovered him next morning - already dried-off, nursing and ready to go.


I'm sure this is how it works!


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