Pricing & Sales Policies


Where prices for individual llamas are shown, they are based on our judgement of the quality and suitability of the llama for breeding purposes. Some llamas may be sold as "non-breeding", without registration papers. Breeding quality llamas and Argentine llamas will be higher priced.

We welcome enquiries. Prospective buyers are encouraged to handle their llamas before they leave our farm. Training and handling sessions are given and our llamas come with a record of vaccinations and family history.




Millstream Finnegan

DOB July 14, 2020

Poco Rojo (ET) x Fortune's Lexus

ILR #295282

Finnegan made a very fast arrival and has not stopped running since birth. He weighed in at a solid 26 lbs. His sire Poco Rojo is an Argentine llama and his dam Lexie is 3/4 Argentine, making Finnegan 7/8 Argentine.

We have decided to keep Finnegan as a future Herd Sire.



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