Pricing & Sales Policies

Prices shown for individual llamas are based on our judgement of the quality and suitability of the llama for breeding purposes, and assumes that the llama is sold complete with registration papers. Some llamas may be sold as "pet quality", without registration papers, for prices starting at $600.

We welcome enquiries. Prospective buyers are encouraged to handle their llamas before they leave our farm. Training and handling sessions are given and our llamas come with a record of vaccinations and family history.


We are delighted to have recently purchased two young part-Argentine females, Angelique and Lexie. These llamas were bred to Poco in Fall 2016.





DOB December 22, 2008

Bolivian Crown Jewells x MGF Bavarian Chocolate

Dominique is probably the best public relations llama on our farm. She is easy to work with and loves lots of attention. Dominique was bred to Poco and had a silky-fibred female (Monique) in July 2014, weighing 17 lbs. As expected, in 2016 Poco and Dominique outdid themselves with the appearance of Marco Polo. Dominique has been bred back to Poco for a Spring 2018 cria.




DOB July 7, 2013

DPDL Marcus x Forest Green Hazel

Our granddaughter Heather and her new llama Cahlie. Heather continues to work with Cahlie and Cahlie has been bred to Santino for a Spring 2018 cria.



DOB June 09, 2010

Poco Rojo (ET) x Winchester's Thedra

Maxine was born on our farm and was sold to the Woosterville Mini-Llama Farm in Cobble Hill. Woosterville Farm eventually purchased one of our males as their stud. Because Maxine was related to that new stud, we were delighted to welcome her back at our farm. Maxine delivered Marietta in May 2016 at a whopping 27lbs, arriving 19 days late. Maxine has been bred to Santino for a Spring 2018 cria.




DOB July 21, 2009

Hot Shot's Van Gogh x Stage Stop Sonja

Aryanne is one of our most friendly llamas, especially during farm tours. Aryanne was bred to Poco and delivered a 21lb. male (Cappucchino) 19 days late. She also adopted a five week old cria (Sparkle) whose dam had died the previous day. Aryanne nursed the "twins" until they were weaned.

Our new stud, Santino, managed to escape from his enclosure in October 2016, and bred Aryanne. We only discovered that she was pregnant in August 2017. She delivered a pure black cria in October 2017 and we named him Blackjack. We think that Aryanne deserves a rest next year!

AngieNew.jpgFortune's HaloAngie2.jpg

(aka Angie)

DOB March 23, 2013

Argentine Caballero (ET) x WCR Catalonia

ILR #286963

Angie is half-Argentine with all the characteristics of Argentine llamas. She is mellow, friendly and easy to work with. She loves to go for walks and as an added bonus she has been involved with 4H members and has received obstacle course training. What more could we ask?! Angie has been bred to Santino for a Summer 2018 cria.


Lexie2.jpgFortune's LexusLexie1.jpg

DOB August 24, 2013

Fortune's Inkheart x Argentine Palmira (ET)

ILR #286964

Lexie is 3/4 Argentine and, like Angie, is also calm, friendly and easy to work with. Lexie has wonderful fibre, is obtacle-course trained and easily haltered. Lexie delivered a healthy cria "Miss Moka" in July 2017. Miss Moka is already sold and will go to her new home next March.


Millstream Sweet PeaSweet_Pea_2.jpg

DOB June 02, 2012

Bridgeview's Romeo x Nanjing


We are very happy to welcome back Sweet Pea to our farm. Her conformation is outstanding, as is her friendly and co-operative nature.

We will be breeding her to Santino, our full Argentine stud, in Spring 2018.

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