Stage Stop Sonja

Sonja_W1.jpgSonja_W2.jpg DOB Sep. 1, 2003

Vivo de Bolivia x Stage Stop Arianna

ILR #253822

Sonja is a lovely tri-coloured mini who is registered ILR and AMLA. Her first cria was an outstanding male named Crowning Touch. Sonja has given us Juliette, Butterscotch, Aryanne, and Zoe. In August 2017 Sonja delivered a healthy 15 lb. male - aptly named Firecracker.


DOB October 5, 2009
Sharp's Tiny Bubbles x Poco Rojo (ET)

Kiara has sire Poco's calm nature and beautiful Argentinian fibre. Kiara gave us Hot Shot in July 2014. In May 2016 Kiara delivered a handsome male (Chepe) at a very healthy weight of 24lbs. Kiara has now been bred to Santino for a Spring 2018 cria.


MGF Bavarian Chocolate

DOB Aug. 26, 1999

RAR Richochet x MGF Bavaria

AMLA Height 36.0"

ILR # 220665

MGF Bavarian Chocolate is a 36″ 4th generation small female who is a true black (does not fade to brown) and is a known mini thrower. Chocolate had two cria before arriving at our farm, the last being a pure black male weighing only 15 lbs! Chocolate has given us Dominique, Smoky Topaz, and  Java.




Sharp's Little Cricket

DOB May 23, 2000

Chenoa's Grey Feather x Sharp's Julie Anne

AMLA Height 37"

ILR #224777

Little Cricket is ILR and AMLA registered with a final height of 37". Cricket has given us Pippi,  Tia Maria and Bandit .


Winchester's Thedra

DOB May 25, 1996

Forest Green Winchester x Miss Tessa

Ht. 39", AMLA-registered foundation female.

ILR #176236

Thedra is a very sweet tempered and friendly lady who came to our farm in late-2007. She stands very correctly, and is excellent foundation stock. Thedra has given us Max and Maxine.

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