Pricing & Sales Policies


Where prices for individual llamas are shown, they are based on our judgement of the quality and suitability of the llama for breeding purposes. Some llamas may be sold as "non-breeding", without registration papers. Breeding quality llamas and Argentine llamas will be higher priced.

We welcome enquiries. Prospective buyers are encouraged to handle their llamas before they leave our farm. Training and handling sessions are given and our llamas come with a record of vaccinations and family history.


All available females have now been sold. Look out for new arrivals in the Spring & Summer of 2022.





Millstream Lizzie

DOB May 18, 2020

Argentine Santino x Millstream Sasha

Lizzie is quiet, calm and a perfectly sized mini llama. Lizzie has gorgeous fibre and is very trusting. She has already appeared in a Hallmark movie with Annie. She has been for walks and has ventured inside to inspect our home. We are excited to see what she produces in a couple of years.


Annie_B.jpgMillstream Annie

DOB May 11, 2020

Poco Rojo (ET) x DPDL Dominique

Annie made her debut at 7 am on May 11, 2020, weighing in at a healthy 28 lbs.  She has her sire's head and neck colouring, and her dam's appaloosa body. Annie is stunning looking and we could not be more thrilled. In fact, we have decided to keep Annie here for future breeding.



Fortune's Freckles

DOB March 21, 2018

 ILR #293002

Freckles came from Armstrong, BC, in May 2019. She has an inquisitive and friendly nature. Freckles had her first cria, Ebony, In June 2021.




Millstream Sparkle 

DOB May 24, 2016

Poco Rojo (ET) x Peruvian Marcial's Flash

ILR #295457

Sparkle had a difficult first few weeeks as her Mom died when she was five weeks old. Fortunately Aryanne adopted Sparkle and she was raised with her "twin" brother Cappucchino. Sparkle has georgeous appaloosa colouring and very fine fibre. She gave birth to her first cria "Millstream Martini" on May 22, 2019, and her second was Pedro, born in May 2021.



 Millstream Sasha

DOB May 24, 2014

Poco Rojo (ET) x DPDL Juliette

 ILR #295456

Sasha had her first cria (Lizzie) in May 2020. Sasha has deep, reddish-brown, soft and silky fibre. She has been bred to Santino for a 2022 cria.




Millstream Zoey

DOB June 16, 2014

Hot Shot's Van Gogh x Stage Stop Sonja

Zoey is a very quiet, calm llama who is easy to work with and does not even need to be tied up at shearing time. She is bred to Santino for a 2022 cria.



Forest Green Cahlie

DOB July 07, 2013

DPDL Marcus x Forest Green Hazel

Cahlie has lots of lovely fibre, which has become one of our most popular fibres due to the colour and softness. Cahlie delivered a very handsome and rambunctious cria (Maverick) in 2019, and beautiful little Angelique in 2021.

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