Dryer Balls


Dryer balls are a pure and natural alternative to fabric softeners. They are non-toxic and chemical free. Dryer balls can:
  • Decrease drying time by up to 35%
  • Eliminate static cling
  • Be safe for people with sensitive skin
  • Reduce wrinkles in dried clothes

For best results, use four balls for every dryer load. A bag of four balls will last several years of regular use.We sell a four-ball bag for $25, or two bags for $45. About twice a year, wash the dryer balls in a mesh bag with your regular laundry in order to renew the static cling elimination. 

Llama Fibre


Beautiful soft llama roving. Some 90% llama/10% sheep. Some 80% llama/20% sheep. Ideal for spinning or needle felting.